Undercover Boss is Ridiculous

I discovered the worst episodes of Undercover Boss and I needed to make fun of them on camera pls enjoy!

NEW SHOWS ADDED (in addition i intended 3rd Nashville show at the start haha)
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thanks for viewing!

remark “hooter i heardly know her” if ur perusing this



  1. Beretta.Geretta BWC

    Why do you talk so much like get to point already

  2. It still repulses me that a place like hooters exists and is so normalized. Americans, what the actual fuck step up

  3. My dad showed up when i started the video, you didn’t even have to say the words

  4. how many plates of beans does it take to kill one doug

  5. Yeah, the people totally don’t notice the cameras, you jumping around positions, and asking personal questions.

  6. React to the late 90’s episodes of the Real World that was on MTV.

  7. Jas Draws Sometimes

    Howie Mandel

  8. wait you’re supposed to be happy working at a job where you can’t wear a shirt cause guys have to be able to look at your boobs. I hope she has a better job now she deserved it after working at such a shitty place

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