Adam Liaw is masterchef victor and guy Malaysian, but we not going to go simple on him. How is Yangzhou fried rice?

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Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe
Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng.

© Orange Heart Productions


  1. https://m.youtube.com/shorts/ZVdW0lR0itM “I was also waiting……this one”

  2. That uncle is too slow to cook fried rice ,I am going to skip many parts😑

  3. I am youtuber
    Mere channel se aapka help ho sakta hai
    Nice video

  4. You are sold out in Vancouver. Fuiyoh! For you, haiyaa for me; so sad,so sad.

  5. Is he uncle or not?

  6. Rivka- ღSєe Mу CнαηηєL💋 - ! A𝔪 Lινєღ🤳

    “You want it to be drier than ex-wife.”

    His sense of humor never fails to make me laugh.

  7. I’m kind of getting sick of uncle roger calling people out on how they cook. Especially when he decides to cook something he is in a professional kitchen with the help of the owner/ head chef of that restaurant. Come on uncle roger cook at home and work with your tools you have

  8. Giliana Santaniello

    Uncle roger turned it up for this video this was hilarious 😆

  9. Dwight Execquiel B. Pagkaliwangan

    @Joshua Weissman

  10. Scooter from Cronulla

    Fancy picking on Uncle Adam, the spiritual guide for Asian cooking in Australia, nephew Roger. Uncle Adam has taught many Australians, including me, Chinese cooking, Japanese cooking and Malaysian cooking; he is the boss! So if Uncle Adam says Add Garlic, I add garlic, nephew Roger.

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