Uncle Roger LOVE The OG Uncle (Martin Yan)

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Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng.

© Orange Heart Productions


  1. Uncle Roger is going to make a Jamie Oliver marathon after this isn’t he?

  2. peking burrito

    goddamn you telling me mexicans stole their most iconic food from the chinese too?

    why are the chinese so dope? they’re awful but amazing what the haaaaiiiiil

  3. @uncle roger, is your ac broken? You were sweating the whole time 😅

  4. omg “yan can cook” was my mom’s show when i was a kid.

    you just brought back happy memories of my mom learning how to make asian cuisine.

    martin yan and the vietnamese kids next door’s mom taught my mom a lot about asian cuisine

  5. Is that Jackie ( the guy eating the duck )

  6. You missed that clip with Martin’s second famous punch line.
    “Always count your fingers,
    When you’re done (chopping)”

    FF to today, I work in the operating room and when I cart patients out of the OT, I tell on lookers, “always count your toes, when I’m gone”. 😂😂

  7. My first time seeing Uncle Yan- what a absolute gem! of a person, just oozing passion and joy and wanting to share it!! Thank you for sharing with us too!

  8. 能不能有中文翻譯😢

  9. Damn this guy even went to hell’s kitchen to judge an Asian food challenge, had no idea he was this big (I wasn’t alive when he was popping)

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