ULTRA Vegito Kills An Angel

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Last time on dragon ball super,, ultra vegito found out the truth about earth’s destruction at the hands of the leftover gods of destruction. In a spat of vengeance, vegito then pursued down the god of cosmos 9, Liquiir and annihilated him leaving only his angel, Korn, left. #ultravegito #nextgod

0:00 – Story recap
0:57 – our sponsor
1:52 – ultra vegito vs korn
4:16 – ultra vegito assaults
7:08 – ultra vegito unveils how he was liberated
10:21 – ultra vegito kills an angel

Thumbnail credit: Constructed by my personal artists @ELordy @Barkarott
This is a paid commission and NOT for reuse.

This is fan made project which makes use of ZERO materials or resources from any 3rd party. This is comprised of individual sketches/fan art of characters, narrated over by a single voice actor (CALLMEARJ) who is telling an inventive and totally original story. All illustrations and music used are unofficial and produced notably for use in these fan driven video clips comprised of easy illustrations, subtitles and narration. These tales include heavily overstated moments which are comedic and spoof the subject matter, with assorted jokes hidden throughout.


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    • Come on let’s see who he kills next I wanna see then pay for what they done

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    • yes save univers 6 for last

  2. Woooow ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Next part please

  4. With Ultra Vegeto this strong and that easily killing an Angel it seems to me the Grand Priest should be fearful towards Vegeto. Awesome chapter can’t wait till the next one.

  5. #NextGod

  6. #nextgod i think belmod will be next and in someway jiren will be there too

  7. Next God

  8. Please next part arj
    Can’t wait to see …

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