Ultimate Space Telescope | Full Documentary | NOVA | PBS

Find how NASA engineers constructed and launched the most aspiring telescope of all time.

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How did NASA engineers build and launch the most aspiring telescope of all time? Follow the melodramatic tale of the James Webb Space Telescope—the most complex machine ever launched into space. If it works, researchers think that this new eye on the cosmos will peer deeper back in time and space than ever to the birth of galaxies, and may even be able to “snuffle” the atmospheres of exoplanets as we look for signs of life beyond Earth. But getting it to work is no simple task. The telescope is far larger than its predecessor, the well-known Hubble Space Telescope, and it needs to make its observations a million miles away from Earth—so there will be no opportunity to go out and fix it. That means there is no space for mistake; the most aspiring telescope ever created needs to work faultlessly. Meet the engineers making it happen and join them on their high stakes excursion to expose new secrets of the cosmos.

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  1. New Virus who dis?

    whata bunch of nerds

  2. I love Nova it’s the best programming on TV if you ask me I would love to see many more programs like this one though more about space and technology and rocket science cool engineering and stuff like that this telescope is an absolute engineering marvel humans have created something that 50 years ago could only be dreamed about in the farthest of future one of the amazing program I love it thank you

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    Interesting thumbnail we see 6 hexagrams hmm>..

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  5. Oh FFS this is typical PBS along with our government and their full doses of made for TV drama. It’s full of everything but truth’s

  6. Michael Woods Mccausland

    There is no Big Bang

  7. Michael Woods Mccausland

    It also pears back

  8. What an absolute waste of money. Billions of dollars spent, for a slightly better space camera.

    At least they fixed our infrastructure, the economy, and all the other problems plaguing the country, before they did this.

    Oh, they didn’t do any of that? They just spent all that money on a space camera, only slightly better than Hubble? Makes sense.

  9. Omg you sell tshirts too?

  10. You know this is a complete failure, because in every video about it, they start off lowering your expectations. The expectations that people only have, because they were told this was going to be such a monumental step forward. This is almost as bad as near sighted Hubble, but with no chance of fixing.

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