Ukraine seizes key Russian-occupied supply hub in east • FRANCE 24 English

Ukrainian forces stated Saturday they had entered Kupiansk in eastern Ukraine dislodging Russian troops from a key logistics hub in a lightning counter-offensive that has seen swathes of territory recaptured.

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  1. Ukraine need air defense if they are to make progress in counter offensive not just from fighter jets but from long range missiles launch by Russia

  2. Meanwhile, Europe economy is being forced into recession and it’s people forced to choose between eating or heating. Who really is winning this war ?

  3. The AFU is proving all their supporters and countrymen right; give them the tools and they’ll do the job.
    Well done

  4. glory to Ukraine

  5. Bravo and Ukraine will not stop at Russia’s borders , they must go and rescue their citizens that were kidnapped and go arrest the war criminlas

  6. God bless Ukraine.

  7. I am US tax payer . 15 B , US aid is the best US foreign aid spending of the century . 15 B is the peanut compare to what Ukraine has been achieving so far. I hope Biden administration spend at least another 150 B on Ukraine. Ukraine is holding the world second largest army at its door. Ukraine need all the help it can get .

  8. Yes Russia ocupated together world😂🤍💙❤️

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