UFC 246 Countdown: McGregor vs Cowboy

UFC 246 kicks off 2020 with the Notorious Conor McGregor going back to the Octagon to confront Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. See both of these athletes train and prepare in advance of their bout.

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  1. 2:04 was soooo dirty!

  2. Where da fook that head kick come from?Cerrone’s going to ride off into the sunset waving an American flag 🇺🇸🍺

  3. UFC blurred the Bud Light.

  4. Mc Gregor is a lot of fun… Cowboy is just bad taste !!

  5. Dedicated !!!!! Scoured every old age home and pub to train for this !!!!!

  6. Burger King will have their mascot back on Monday.

  7. smh looking forward to this loser losing again

  8. guys and gals, who do you think will win this one between conor and cerrone, and why, and how?

  9. I have so much respect for Cowboy, but damn, do I ever want Conor to stage a comeback here. I’d love to see what he’d become with this win. I want to imagine he’ll put the money and fame aside and truly set out to make history.

  10. Yo I fw Cerrone tho! Dude seem chill as h..

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