UFC 241 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

On Episode 1 of UFC 241 Embedded, heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier works out al fresco and underwater. Previous champ Stipe Miocic reflects on the year of rest, reinvention and fatherhood he’s took pleasure in since his last bout against Cormier. Previous lightweight champ Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, now a top-10 welterweight, readies his knockout abilities for Saturday’s bout against Nate Diaz. UFC 241 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes vlog leading up to the heavyweight title rematch occurring Saturday, August 17th on Pay-Per-View.

The association produces more than 40 live events annually in some of the most influential arenas around the globe, while broadcasting to almost one billion TV families across more than 170 nations. UFC’s athlete list of names features the world’s best MMA athletes representing more than 60 nations. The association’s digital offerings involve UFC FIGHT PASS®, one of the world’s leading streaming services for combat sports. UFC was obtained in 2016 by international amusement, sports and content company Endeavor, along with strategic investors Silver Lake Partners and KKR. UFC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. pettis is the opposite of McGregor on the heavy bag just stale and no imagination

  2. am i the only that saw an opportunite of a meme video when DC jumped in the pool?

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  4. For a whale D.C. doesn’t swim very gracefully

  5. half of this shit was cormier, skipped almost all episode.

  6. 3:40,man as a croatian i am so proud of him no matter what is gonna happen

  7. Stipe coach at the 6:00 mark ironically sounds like Daniel Cormier . Thumbs up if u think the same!!!

  8. Who was the blonde training in the pool with D.C. it looked like H Holme

  9. dont make it personal diaz throws the fingers to everyone

  10. so Pettis is like I am a better striker? Eum no you arent, he has boxing some decent kicks a little bit of knees en elbows and we know his jiujitsu is on point and better than his so yeah whats left pettis, wrestling and thats it, lets not forget about his stamina which is way better than yours, he cracks me up, makes no sense what he is saying. He gonna gaz out with his flashy shit and I see a submission in the late 4th round.

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