UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview

Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone had to mention after their fight at UFC 238!

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  1. what happend??

  2. I thinkTony wouldn’t last tow rounds with habib !!!!

  3. Tony knew what happened with that stoppage. Now what happens is Dustin vs Conor 2/Khabib vs Conor 2 and Tony has to wait. Such a shitty ending to an amazing fight.

  4. Scumspawn *****

    I used to love boxing and lots of pro sport until l discovered how corrupt it all is..but boxing was my favorite..then l look at this mans face with his cauliflower ears…oft flattened nose and swelling and bruising over his eyes and think of the impact his brain is taking against the insides of his skull and then think of the great Ali going ga ga bcos of scrambled brains and l think we ask to high a price for our entertainment .
    But then for some folk it’s there only way of reaching fame and wealth and l wouldn’t want to stop them but it’s a sad reflection on us as human beings who are meant to be evolved that we can sit and watch 2 men batter and damage each other and enjoy it.

  5. Динара Доспанова

    Habib vs Toni?

  6. mulekick haduken

    Ancient Rome. Where children are molested and those who speak truth are also molested, and assassinated.

  7. Respect to the fighters but this just goes to show what a bunch of absolute nit wits the majority of UFC fans are. Beer drinking, tattooed, Truck driving, modern county listing, Trump endorsing, misogynistic, low IQ’ed, shit ducks just like their leader that bald headed twat that runs the show. As Mark Twain so accurately said ” If a man possesses both confidence and ignorance success is guaranteed”.

  8. I keep reading everyone commenting on the need for Tony to fight Khabib for the title next! Although, I absolutley agree that my man Tony better fight for that title next don’t be so certain it won’t be against the “Diamond”! Dustin is a beast at 155 and he’s going to give Khabib the fight of his life mark my words! ?✌

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