UFC 237: Rose Namajunas post-fight interview

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  1. WWE>UFC, *dat* *SLAM*

  2. LOL, they all talk the “R” word when they’re looking for a big payday fight. When Rose talked about finally being able to pay off her house, that was a shot at Dana. Anyhow, I think Rose definitely deserves a rematch if she wants it. She is clearly the better fighter. Pay the woman.

    That said, I could also see Rose doing action movies. If anyone here has seen Rose with long hair, then you know she’s absolutely stunningly beautiful.

  3. Rose I hope you don’t decide to quit I never got into women MMA before you and Holly Holm you both have a lot of class! Good luck in your future no matter what you choose!

  4. David Sukonick

    There have been many times in the Olympics that the very obvious best skaters did not win gold medals. All it takes I a minor slip. Rose was only a couple minutes from putting serious damage on Andrade’s eyes. She got a bit lucky in desperation and won. That’s part of the game. You can lose and still be the best. A gold medal or belt does not mean you are the superior one. I have never seen a female with such artistry as during that fight. Her increased skills were beautiful to watch in execution. Rose is a champ and her fabulous skills, demeanor, and humility are what should be studied by other boxers. If Rose decides to retire from fighting I have no problem. She doesn’t need a revenge fight to prove herself. She is incredibly beautiful, has other talents, and I’m sure she has many other avenues of life to explore. If she does come back for even a single fight my night is reserved and all will have the fortune to see another evening of MMA in its highest form.

  5. Rose has shown how champions should portray themselves. During the fight those fluent movement with punches so precise coming at every angle is beautiful to watch. She will always be my favourite fighter as long as she in UFC. I will also respect her decision going forward. Thank you Rose.

  6. Rose was fighting beautifully. Me and my brother were left in awe after the first round.

  7. I like the way she trained and her honestly; i love this girl!!

  8. Rose’s jabs though. Sharp! Hopefully she goes for a re-match. Great fighter and person.

  9. Respect

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