UConn vs. Baylor – Elite Eight Women’s NCAA Tournament Extended Highlights

No. 1 UConn plays No. 2 Baylor in the Elite Eight of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.

The Huskies used a huge second-half rally to return and take down the Lady Bears 69-67. A 19-0 UConn run was the difference, which came after Baylor senior guard Didi Richards left the game with a left leg injury in the 3rd quarter.

The Bears almost mounted a comeback of their own, falling just short in the final moments as the Huskies held on to advance to their 13th Final Four in a row.


  1. Non call really is unfortunate for Baylor.

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    i will say nothing else

  3. Sure…when DiDi went out, the momentum went in Uconn’s favor but same can be said when Edwards was out the remaining first half and Baylor got going after trailing. Tit for tat folks,,,that is the way of the game. Sorry about the injury,,, not so much the no call.

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  5. im makin a reaction video to this BUECKERS BOUT THAT LIFE FR!!

  6. Bueckers can SHOOT. So fun to watch.

  7. Are they really women, are they?

  8. This was a good game. Congrats UConn!

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