Ubisoft at E3 2019 in 14 Minutes

All the largest announcements from this year’s press briefing.

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  1. NICE 2019 games but some I dont like tho

  2. Division 2 is so boring

  3. Ubisoft: soft games for soft people. Let me guess what is going to be released next year? Watchdogs Shanghai, Watchdogs Tokyo, Watchdogs Moscow, Watchdogs Mexico? When I hear about new Assassin’s Creed I don’t even bother watching a teaser. Only FarCry still has some potential. Not to mention long time forgotten Splinter Cell. This company is focused on money too much.

  4. Good idea… very poorly executed.

  5. No one:
    Ubisoft: you want another watch dogs or another assassins creed..

  6. Pulling all theses celebrities in. Don’t like my entertainment mediums fraternizing with each other.

  7. Ubisoft should announce their new logo.

  8. “We are ghosts”.. Shooting with a tommy gun 😀

  9. Fuck me I thought that was Shane from twd on the thumbnail

  10. So London will be inhabited by africans

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