Two New Farms I NEEDED! – Hermitcraft 9: #23

Today we build an intriguing Ice farm and a totally new automatic nether tree farm!

Watch me build the tree farm on stream!

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  1. #20 on trending! you rock tango!

  2. Decked Out > Base Building > Time with Friends. Please avoid burnout.

  3. ShootBigBucks Gaming

    Tango, have you thought about adding patches of sculk block to the nether hub to make “galaxies”? Im curious how it would look I think it may look pretty cool and mystical, and it’ll help to lower the entity amount and help some of the other hermits.

  4. Tango, your editing gets funnier and funnier

  5. Looks like someone needs to take a trip to Pearls Sheer shop

  6. silverstarfinder

    Loving this series! Definitely excited for Decked Out!

  7. Decked Out!! I’m so excited!! Though I want to see that castle built up too! I love castle bases!

  8. “Super Omega Ice of Doom”
    Sounds like a thing that Iskall can say.

  9. Just turn the observers sideways & you wouldn’t need the rails.

  10. the problem is you only have 66 source blocks that can freeze. i too wish these redstone ice farms were the way to go. but unfortunately you’re much better off with a giant array of water source blocks where you get pushed through and hold the left mouse button.

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