Twitter in a Nutshell

Go to for 15% off your order, plus get free domestic or flat fee international shipping. Brought to you by Raycon.


  1. @Foggyz2.0 don’t
    they’re actually awful

  2. @Walmart 5103 even walmart earbuds have more top

  3. I can’t get them out of my nose.

  4. I love listening to audible with my raycon earpods while having raid shadow legends open on my phone while browsing the Internet with nord vpn using honey to get discounts and having war thunder open in a second tab

  5. but the reason i watch this video is becose its negative an hates on twitter

  6. CardBoard Warriors

    Lol raycons are dogshit. But keep promoting poorly made and overpriced shit king.

  7. the goat posted again

  8. Bro got personal problems with Elon. We would love to see the lore

  9. Or if they have colored hair or are a white woman 1:23

  10. It’s surprising to see him touching grass just for a promotion

  11. Tbf elon removed a lot of cp

  12. 3:13 ah yes, everybody’s favorite politician

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