Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

We relived our first bonding experience of all time…

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  1. Ethan saying tummies is actually adorable

  2. #1 on trending!! good job twins!

  3. dude this is sooo funny?

  4. no one:
    not a single soul:
    Grayson: iM ClaUstroPHobiC

  5. Candy Castillo Vlogs

    I can’t stop laughing at the doctors facial expressions?

  6. 22:42 ??
    am i the only one who saw?

  7. Lillie Willoughby

    #1 on trending

  8. I’m sorry but I really don’t like how long their videos are now. I like skip through half of it

  9. I hope they paid this guy because he looks 100% done with their shit lolol

  10. I just want to know if the person was sober when they thought of this idea

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