Twice Performing ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ | Billboard Women In Music Awards 2023

Two times performing ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ at Billboard’s Women in Music awards.

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Twice Performing ‘MOONLIGHT SUNLIGHT’ | Billboard Women In Music Awards 2023


  1. Максим Кислый

    Они даже не поют 😂😂😂😂 Джихё вообще лень было рот открыть. Мда уж, позор. Облажались все: твайс, звукарь и режиссер трансляции.

  2. Even though they have mic issues, Queens slaying the performance like a piece of cake! My talented girls💗🔥

  3. Mauricio Madureira


  4. Nefesy Yoganingrat

    Fighting Twice!!!!!

  5. Jihyo was the only one to sing 100% live (without backing) they messed up her volume… damn…

  6. Aigerim Ulan Kuzu

    Wow there was problem with mic sorry

  7. Jihyo voice •_•♡

  8. Jihyo looks so uncomfortable with that dress :((

  9. What total crap. Just such flacid and unoriginal entertainment.

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