Turning Minecraft into a Horror Game to Terrorize YouTubers…

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In spite of recent additions like the deep dark and sculk Warden in the recent Wild Update, Minecraft still is a really peaceable game. So I chose to change it by making a Minecraft mod and map to turn it into an extreme ghost hunting fright game like Phasmohphobia in order to frighten my YouTuber friends!

Featuring @Fundy @Mysticat @ashswag @ClownPierce @EightSidedSquare @Yahiamice LIVE! @Sillvia @Luxintrus @Asai Hatsuyo

A modded Minecraft video clip like when doctor4t / RAT made a mod for ClownPierce and unleashed him on his SMP or killed a cheater with mods on Content SMP.

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Ghost sound effects by Lara Sluyter
Most music from: https://share.epidemicsound.com/jrtvak

Minecraft video clip encouraged by content like Fundy and Phoenix SC with narration like rekrap2 and Parrot / ParrotX2 from the LifeSteal SMP.


  1. Download Opera GX for free here: https://operagx.gg/doctor4t2
    Check out Opera GX’s Minecraft server with this server IP (gx-network.com)

  2. I’m so bad with horror. Like I was terrified from my gf playing doki doki lit club. But the way the other content creators reacted in this vid was just so funny I wasn’t even that scared most the time. Most of the time. Great vid 🙂

  3. 12:18 is when they start playing :), thank me later

  4. Disliked because RAT didn’t add a sound trigger that says “skill issue” and when the players are screaming and saying they are scared RAT could just play a sound that said “skill issue”

  5. No wonder it’s been a while sense your last upload I love this

  6. Hameleosha De Hoga

    That was so cool I love this video I felt scared too even though I wasn’t playing and like I’ve watched a million phasmophobia videos yet it’s still scary that’s how you know you did a great job!!!

  7. I love how KREW is matching the theme of the month, and love seeing ya playing horror! =(

  8. time stamps so you dont waste time: 4:51 yes i didnt have a ghost to test the equipment on yet so i made it react to pigs what about it you wanna go bro 7:42 for real this time

  9. Eduard Peeter Lemming

    Cant belive you made Phasmophobia in minecraft

  10. Can i use this add-on for Garry’s Mod?

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