Turning $5 Grocery Store Cakes into a Pinterest Cake.. i tried

Turning $5 cakes into a ..

Thank you so much for viewing!


  1. What did u do to your hairs ??????? Why is it longer??? Plz can u tell

  2. Why not just bake a cake and decorate it? The first few will look like shit. The next few will look like crap. The next few will look better. Then every cake you make will start to look spectacular. It’s kind of like life, practice or you’ll suck at it.

  3. I wanna see the final cake

  4. The hair down and constant hair touching is giving me anxiety.

  5. I was expecting your mom try the cake in the end, or some kinda of a prank for her, as usual =)

  6. The next time that you make a cake video, do it drinking alcohol…so when you mess it up, you’ll have something to blame it on.

  7. Miaaaa you never showed us the cake

  8. U cute tho

  9. 5:26 frosting in hair … Or hair in frosting.. 🤨 same thing. I knew it would happen eventually when you have to keep bending over the cake and keep pulling your hair back but it flops right back to the front because you’re bending forward and that’s how gravity works.

  10. အချောလေး

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