Tucker Carlson Stole Stephen Colbert’s Panda Bit

On the same evening the President of the United States’ personal lawyer was plundered by the FBI, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had a section on pandas. Even worse, it is been done.

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  1. Piece of shit left wing mainstream liberal asswipe ,you’ll be getting yours pretty soon

  2. wow, i keep getting surprised how retarded leftist like steven kolbert are.
    “a whore say she fucked donald” –ohh he might step down…retards
    meuller or how to spell the neo nazi name keep looking for ANYTHING but the russia collusion.
    trump should shut him down and get a new one that only do russia collusion and nothing else

  3. steven “out of context” kolbert

  4. Yo news flash Stephen, Tucker well roast your ass.

  5. Why are you still on TV?

  6. What a mouthpiece

  7. Drumf fought the law and the law will hopefully, win.

  8. Make fun of him all you want, i used to , but yesterday he was the only one to challenge everyone on the War in Syria and call it out for being based on a lie! We are about to go to war again based on another fucking lie! And the bowtie guy is the only one saying anything on the mainstream. I dare you to speak out against the War THEY want in Syria, you wont do shit

  9. I fuckin hate this guy for real, like you don’t get sarcasm if you’re not the one doing it. Tucker was making fun of you dumbass lmao get over it now

  10. Woo Baby #5 on trending

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