Trying the McDonald’s Life Hack 🧐 #shorts


  1. Froggo frogStine

    Pot twist there was alot of ice in the white McDonald’s cups

  2. I know what you just did you just stop you put another Coke on the layer and boom you have it

  3. X Pastel_BunBunny X

    Kinda not disappointed because it’s like if it’s true… Then money just wasted ;-;

  4. So when he walks away they cut the vid and poor a little more coke before and it makes it look like he went and grabbed coke but he cut the vid

  5. Oliver Stafford

    Did he say water

  6. Lillac MoonStone

    Thats because you dident us carbored

  7. he’s dissapointed he got the wrong cups….right?

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