Trying SKIMS Best Selling Products *worth the $$$?*

Today we are trying Best Sellers from Kim Kardashians SKIMS!
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  1. Bring them on the honeymoon sis

  2. i could hear mama maples’ “noOoO MIAaaaa 😫” in my head immediately after seeing the microthong in the thumbnail

  3. Your period comment is so funny and relatable lol

  4. the micro thong looks like it hurts so much omg- 0-0

  5. Cheryl-Lynn Mehring

    You should NOT need different shapewear for each article of clothing! It should be universal.

  6. Cheryl-Lynn Mehring

    15:02 You could get a hernia!

  7. Cheryl-Lynn Mehring

    15:15 Before and after, OMG what a difference! Mia your stomach is flat in the before and the after!!
    Only difference the shape wear flattened your bust and bottom a bit.

  8. Cheryl-Lynn Mehring

    That shapewear was SO small, it reminded me of Kim trying to fit into Marilyn’s dress!😂🤣😂🤣

  9. Cheryl-Lynn Mehring

    That Shapewear is Baby clothes! 🤣🤣🤣

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