Try Not to Touch Challenge #3 | Wild Animals (Respond)

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Try Not to Touch Challenge #3 | Wild Animals (Respond)


  1. Omg I can’t not stand petting animals I’ll go Right for a wolf a horse or a snake and a fox

  2. Sophia Hernandez

    Um this challenge lw dumb but the animals are cute

  3. Chu chu waa

  4. StrengthandFortitude

    Omg give me the fennec fox !! I don’t care what I need to eat I need to fuss a fennec Fox.. they are my all time favourite animal!! ????

  5. yellowsnow3000

    5:38 “even this slight breeze we have going on sounds like a hurricane to him”

    All the while talking right beside its ears…

  6. Keep it up! I really like your vids. I’m 12 years old and i’ve tried to make cool videos just like u, but… no one ever watched it. Anyways.. Good Job!

  7. Makayla Singleton

    the girl in the yellow bag pants is so pretty omg!

  8. The Patagonian Mara looks so cute! I love how they move around with their stilt like legs ?

  9. Kangaroos are my favorite animal ???? I wanna pet themmmmm ????????????????

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