Try Guys Ruin French Macarons w/Pro Chefs • Phoning It In

What do cheese wiz and Macarons share in common? Nothing, but leave it to the Try Guys to try and make it collaborate. Oui Oui, this episode is not anything short of la disaster!

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Thessa Diadem

Jimmy Wong

Jonny Manganello

Nick Schreiber

Marissa Rivera

Skyler Klingenberg

Voice Over by
Devlin McCluskey

Licensed from AudioNetwork

Licensed from Audioblocks

Licensed from Videoblocks

Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

Rachel Ann Cole – Director
Jonathan Kirk – 1st Assistant Director
Edgar Castillo – Production Assistant
Armando Garcia – Production Assistant
Chris LaPointe – Director of Photography
Ben Hecht – Camera Operator
Giselle Gonzalez – Camera Operator
Joe Han – Camera Operator
Kate Ketcham – Camera Operator
Ethan Sullivan – 1st Assistant Camera
Edgar Muchuca – 2nd Assistant Camera
Will Prada – Gaffer
David Beede – Sound Mixer
Ethan Molomut – Boom Operator
Susannah Honey – Production Designer
Krista Lu – Art Director
Alessia Madau – Set Dresser
Ray Rehberg – Set Dresser
Niki Ford – Culinary Consultant

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  1. Jonny in a beret is something I never knew I needed.

  2. Soup macaroons: French onion, split pea, (can we count a chowder?), broccoli cheddar, butter nut squash,

  3. I love how Johnny has become the “Zach” of “Phone it In.” I hope he wins in the Finals.

  4. When the oil started smoking I got so panicked. That’s exactly how I burned my legs last spring. I’m never oil frying anything ever again😂

  5. Crying laughing as usual
    Who is Marissa?

  6. Who is Marissa? Lol why didn’t she get an intro as to how she knows the try guys? Did I miss something?

  7. Fear of frying always confuses me. I live in the south and we fry things all the time. I forget it isn’t normal in other parts of the country.

  8. Anyone else think this was all a ploy to set up Nick and Marissa? They were so cute together on the phone, and then when he said, “I’m so proud (of myself)” he was saying how proud he was of her, and her hugging him in the end. So cute! 🥺
    (Sorry idk if they are already in relationships with anyone else they just had such cute chemistry tho)

  9. Jennifer Shalini Sodadasi

    Can we please have roy choi once more??? It always cracks me up how disappointed he is in everything’s done😂

  10. We truly have hit a mile stone in this channel…..a Try Guys challenge only including ONE Try Guy……you guys were supposed to BEAT buzzfeed…not BECOME it 😭

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