Trump meets the Queen at Buckingham Palace – BBC News

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are meeting the Queen on the very first day of their state visit to the UK.
The pair are at Buckingham Palace for a private lunch and welcome rite.
Mr and Mrs Trump arrived on Air Force One earlier on Monday and were taken to the US ambassador’s home in central London, where they are staying.


  1. Royal Family being respectful and courteous as always. Khan is on suicide watch lmao

  2. Trump and the queen are freemasons

  3. How the fuck did they get marine one to London?

  4. the CMA channel

    tbh i hate donald trump cuz he racist to me and muslims (when i mean me i mean that im muslim) he even something rude about Meghan

  5. You numbskull, don’t do anything stupid, for the sake of our planet

  6. Does she do this to every one of our presidents?

  7. ?? ??????? ✊? ??

  8. BBC stop hating on trump when u love Obama and Bush the war lords!!

  9. They should kill the 2face queen

  10. The orange turd is a Soviet spy .

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