Trump, Coronavirus Task Force answer questions in press briefing

President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold every day White House press conference.

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  1. I am so proud of what has been done so far even though I feel there are others on a dangerous front line as we go is our drug stores and grocery store chains and workers taking the daily abuse of the panic people. I feel the people on the every day forfront ….My husband has not backed down but he is watching and dealing with the people face to face he tells me people have to eat so he has to work this man has diabetes without health care coverage HE works in a Foodlion store and I am greatful for them staying open and staying there for us all despite the risk.

  2. there is no virus folks,,, there number dont add up,, n3ver thought trump let something like this happen fake news virus

  3. Trump said on February 23rd we have 15 cases and within a week it will be zero.
    March 25th. We have 65000 cases and 929 dead.
    Nice job Trump. Resign today and save lives.

  4. “It will be gone in April, with the heat, it’s a miracle…” President Trump is one of the reasons why people are dying.

  5. Ashleigh Erin Hart

    This is from a nine year old and there is people who have been saying horrible stuff about you and I have been sticking up for you

  6. Patricia Wagstaff

    We have not even been hit with the epic virus . You are an a__

  7. 18 more days and this will all be over. I can’t wait. My birthday is on the 12th of April. 😐

  8. Cuomo gave props to trump for the support of the med ships coming in to NY harbor. trump has said if “you can get it faster I support you cuomo had a chance to get some ventilators back yrs ago. that was on the recommendation of a med team. there might be a situation where its needed. that time is here. I might have some reservations on how funds could be used, but you can never ere when it comes to protecting human life, ppl

  9. The media is propping up our new enemy. No more terrorists!

  10. maybe the reduction of the quality of life crimes has something to do with nyc problems, after all look at the 1918 flu cases and the cleanliness or lack of was happening

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