True Facts: Mussels That Catch Fish

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A Special thanks to Dr. Chris Barnhart.

Dr. Barnhart’s video clip and images of freshwater mussels are unfeasible to miss if you research them even a little bit. Dr. Barnhart let us share his incredible (and hilarious) documentation of these amazing animals, and helped us avoid silly mistakes (like mispronouncing the entire Order).

We would not have been able to make this episode without him.

Thank you to:
Dr Chris Barnhart, Missouri State University
Ryan Hagerty, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Brett Billings, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Tim Lane, Virginia Tech
Dr Tom Watters, Ohio State University
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Megan Bradley, US Fish & Wildlife Service
J. Scott Faiman
Kendell R. Loyd, Missouri State University
John McLeod, US Geological Survey
Dr Viktoria E Nikishchenko, FEB Russian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Elena Sayenko, FEB Russian Academy of Sciences
Yan-ling Cao, Shandong University
Dr. Constance Rogers-Lowery, Catawba College
Jonathan Young
Matt Hill
Todd Fobian

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  1. Use the link to get an exclusive NordVPN deal. To commemorate NordVPNs
    11th birthday, for a limited time only – you will also receive an additional mystery gift on
    top. ✌

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  4. God damn these are informative.

  5. I had Mussels with a garlic and butter sauce tonight for dinner (It was an appetizer.) Now, I feel a little guilty after seeing your video but will assuredly think about what I’ve learned from your lesson the next time I order them. See, I listen carefully and decided next time, instead of butter, I’ll select olive oil. Thanks for the update. (I really liked the ‘shooting sperm’ scene. ) Erotic mussels’. Who knew? Molly Malone had something going there!!

  6. Ze Franks videos honestly make me laugh… not just the nose exhale – actually laughing alone in my room.

  7. Seriously missed opportunity to say, “Mussel Money Shot” 😆😂

  8. 3:20 oh my fucking god

    and I thought how wasps reproduce was fking nightmarish

  9. you know what Frank, frankly im starting to think you are just looking for creatures that do weird sex stuff

  10. So the male mussels job is basically just to jizz everywhere constantly until one of the females gets knocked up, eh? Looks like we’re not so different after all.

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