True Facts: Dangerous Little Ticks

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Footage from ‘The Tick Ixodes Ricinus and Lyme Disease’
licensed from and provided by
Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) :

The original footage was constructed by:
Dr. Franz-Rainer Matuschka, Freie Universität Berlin
Dr. Andrew Spielman, Harvard School of Public Health
Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film Gottingen

Dr. Uwe Sander – Director, Research
Regine Feldmann – Editor
Camera: Jurgen Kaeding, Kuno Lechner,
Michael Schorsch, Hort Witman.

Additional special thank you to Dr. Dania Richter for her time and
for her patience in assisting me comprehend the exceptional
life cycle of the Ixodes ticks. Dr. Richter led me to the
outstanding documentary that is featured throughout this

Thank you to Dania Richter, Franz-Rainer Matuschka,
Andrew Spielman and L. Mahadevan for allowing me
the use of images and footage from their amazing work
on the feeding apparatus in:

How ticks get under your skin: insertion mechanics of
the feeding apparatus of Ixodes ricinus ticks

Special thank to Marie Vancová, Tomáš Bílý, Ladislav Šimo,
Jan Touš, Petr Horodyský, Daniel Růžek, Adam Novobilský,
Jiří Salát, Martin Strnad, Daniel E. Sonenshine,
Libor Grubhoffer & Jana Nebesářová for making their work
available through the CC 4.0 license.

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the feeding apparatus
of the tick Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodidae): a new insight into
the mechanism of blood-feeding

Thank you to Graham Hickling for licensing me his excellent
footage of the egg laying process and Gene’s organ.
Check him out at:




  1. That Green Guy Player 2

    Even your ads are pleasant to watch and listen to. And frequently hilarious.

  2. Hats off to any sponsor willing to back a video that says dicks a dozen times in the first minute.

  3. Trying to get it to run on my Fork , Its not doing anything… Lol.
    Already tried on my Toaster and Vaccuum cleaner and nothing but out of memory errors.
    And the Vaccuum Cleaner Threw a belt, in protest.

  4. aldi_the _flash

    did he said “Dick” or “Tick”

  5. Tamijo Campbell

    OMG I couldnt stop laughing!!!!! This had to be the best one I’ve seen. You’re THE BEST!!!!!

  6. Wisdom is power, they say… well, while this information certainly was interesting, it did not make me appreciate these lil’ suckers any more…

  7. James Frankowsky

    This video is making me anxious smh

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