Trope Talk: Bathos

You understand how every person has been making complaints about quips and “whedon dialogue” and the MCU and all those things? This is what they are really mad about. Let us talk about!

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  1. I take issue with your using ‘The rising sun was a hot orange bug zapper’ as an example of bad metaphor, because That’s Fucking Excellent and I would love to find it in some book about the main character’s contemplative summer at their uncle’s boring ass mountain cabin where they’ve been sent to shape up and build character.

  2. Honestly, I know I’m in the minority but I like bathos. It doesn’t really ruin anything for me. As someone that a -never really thinks the heroes are in danger, except when they are(for instance we knew that in Infinity War, pretty much everyone was going to die except the original Avengers because that was clearly the story they were working with -full circle. We also knew that some of the original were going to check out in Endgame because they were moving into a new phase) so that much vaunted sense of consequence that people talk about isn’t really there for me. Admittedly it’s probably because I mainly watch 2 really predictable genres, romcom and action. Also, at this point in my life, I prefer minimal emotional investment in things. Please, for the love of god break up that deep, affecting moment that would have me sobbing like a baby with a joke. Feel free to keep your heart tucked in your chest. I can still enjoy your work just fine.

  3. Absolutely adore how much of the good bathos section is just “be more like Spiderverse.”
    Sound advice for any film.

  4. Thats something the dnd movie got down pretty well imo.
    Theres lots of bathos in an overall pretty comedic movie, but there still were heartfelt scenes.
    By all of them i was wondering if they would undercut them, but i was pleasantly surprised and especially 1 character death was handled really good.
    I actually felt kinda sad about that, even tho i knew what would happen next and even that felt soo genuine!

  5. King Fu Panda is THE bathos done right movie

  6. Kathleen Phillips

    The first Deadpool movie is a Bathos feast that makes perfect sense with the character od Deadpool. It gives you moments that are funny and sinecure, but that’s mostly in flashbacks to show what Deadpool is truly fighting for.
    And in the present day Deadpool will deflect any sincerity thrown at him becuase he doesn’t want it. Bathos is used as a way to characterise him.

  7. Stephen Lea Sheppard

    My understanding is that Gimli’s character was re-written as comic relief because it turned out that John Rhys-Davies had a terrible allergic reaction to the dwarf makeup, so he could only wear it for very short periods of time. The original, more true-to-the-book dialog they’d written for him proved impossible to film, because they had to shoot a lot of scenes originally intended for him using his stunt/size double Brett Beatie, facing away from the camera or otherwise not delivering dialogue, and the scenes where he was delivering dialogue had to be kept very short. Making Gimli into The Bathos Character was an attempt to make a virtue of necessity, and doesn’t seem to have been because of a lack of confidence in the material in this specific case.

    I’d really like to see the version of the movie where those rewrites weren’t necessary, though.

  8. The new D&D movie handled Bathos very well and it very much contributed to what made it so good

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