Trisha: My Thoughts

Those who mind do not matter, and those who matter do not mind.



  1. Gigi, your authenticity shines so bright in this video. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. The Joanne moment with that hat lol

  3. Peachy Peachworth

    Isn’t that the Jesus chick?

  4. fooneys discordfever gglolls

    Are u Trisha paytad sister ?

  5. She invalidated trans gay men and nonbianary people and they/them pronouns. That’s so fucked to invalidate someone, but I don’t believe Trish is trans at all and she’s doing this just to pay rent. She’s irrelevant now and pulls stupid stuff for the money. It’s obvious now..

  6. I completely agree ❤️? thanks for being positive ?

  7. I feel like Gigi wanted to make this supportive video because she does have a big audience and if there is a chance (because of her part) Trish makes a video saying it’s a joke or acts like it never happened..Gigi can say she had her support and Gigi took it seriously no matter what people said and it’s not something to joke about.

  8. Whatever Trisha is feeling or experiencing, I think we can all agree Gigi’s statement and words are so profound, strong and loving. We love you, Gigi!!

  9. I think you made such a mature, positive message at the end. Very good response

  10. People really watch this garbage over my content? that’s sad youtube, for real.

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