Trey Louis Chases Positivity With His Music And Sings “Stone” by Whiskey Myers – American Idol 2023

The judges get first emotional, then maddened as mattress sales rep Trey clarifies he’s here at Idol to shed a different light on his hometown of Santa Fe, Texas. “Trey from the Fe” suffered a school shooting in May 2018, during which he lost 8 of his friends and 2 of his professors.

AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the tv panorama by pioneering the music contest niche, comes back on ABC.

American Idol 2023

Helping to determine who America will eventually vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and celebrity judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest persists as host of the beloved series, for the historical 21st season.


  1. great audition…

  2. Mid tbh

  3. Gotta love his confidence. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. This has been a really raw season, but it’s good to see singers sharing their emotions. It’s a reminder that we all suffer tragedy, but we can still carry on with our dreams despite all of our pain and losses. Carry on with your dreams y’all.

  5. This young man is the bright future we need.

  6. Katy is right and she’s how I feel about hearing this and I hope she’s better now

  7. Who else repeated the audition 3+ times 😢

  8. We had a school shooting at a neighboring school that I worked across the street from when I was in high school my friend attended the school, and it was all over some kid, feeling disrespected by another kid the day after Christmas break our poor school district suffered a loss, unlike any other, and then just a few years later a special education, teacher was gun down in front of her school just down the street from my house. I too have lost a father in an aunt to gun violence. It Hass to stop. We have to draw the line somewhere. I can’t believe we have witnessed two elementary school shootings were innocent little kids were killed and that hasn’t even been enough for our society to want change. I just don’t get it. Little children are now being targeted and we’re OK with it and we’re letting it happen and we’re not doing anything about it, I am with Katy Perry on this one. It’s unacceptable. These kids should not be going to school watching their friends, get slaughtered and then coming on national television and experiencing that all over again in their stories. Think about all those kids that have been killed over the years. Think about what they could’ve been in life we could’ve been watching them in movies. We could be watching them on television listening to the music‘s over the radio, we could be watching them. Duke plays watching them build companies watching them build homes for citizens across this country. We could’ve seen them do things for the world but instead we have to put them in a box 6 feet in the ground because we can’t get our heads out of our ass.

  9. Katie is crazy. But I get the passion. It’s horrible. Unfortunately no matter how many rights you try to take away, this isn’t a solvable problem. But we can definitely cut down the number of these terrible events. Notice the red flags. There has always been and will always be nutters who want to hurt people. Don’t be the parent that refuses to see it in your child or loved one.

  10. I want him and Chris Stapleton to sing parachute together

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