Bringing the heat for my first video blog on my channel! I take you all along during my first street trip and my first start as a member of the @Los Angeles Dodgers. How about the snack option on the team plane though?! 😏).


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  1. Boycott baseball after steroids area thought about giving another chance woke spoiled diva’s the old boys are the baseball legends

  2. When did the dodgers play angels this year ?

  3. The Couch Athlete

    This was sick

  4. The hair looks a lot better

  5. Ive never seen anything like this before, a pro pitcher doing a vlog on his workday
    Keep doing YT trevor bauer!

  6. Your a cheater,over rated and over paid! Go dodgers!

  7. Freddie Gonzalez

    SonoraTown. Best tacos!

  8. As a Dodger fan since 1975, I approve of this video.

  9. El Troquero Locochon

    Like how you hit 2 A’s players on Wednesday, keep up the grind

  10. Anthony Hernandez

    Try a restaurant called KING TACO , their salsas are goated 😂

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