Traveling with folks that got longer legs than you.

One step = 68.5 of yours.

Snackin 2 – Teil

8.16.18 – Oddwin


  1. Charles Dark Flame

    Are you in a WIND TUNNEL? ?

  2. I’m short so I know how that feels g

  3. “your speed is tremendous!” ??

  4. As someone with long legs that’s exactly how I feel lol and I have to constantly just stop in the middle of walking and wait for the other person to catch up to me and if I’m having a conversation I might as well just walk backwards ?

  5. Walking with my son ?

  6. #29 on trending!!


  7. Jon'mikal Faulkner

    He finally said he plays for Honor

  8. E3???

  9. New Subbie 🙂
    Awesome Channel @ CalebCity !

  10. My guy was shisui whilst walking

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