TRASH or PASS! NF ( Motto ) [REACTION!!!]


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  1. Charity Simon-Peraboh

    NF Welcome back

  2. Your reactions always fire 🔥

  3. NF Welcome back!!! Can’t wait

  4. I’m loving NF’s evolution so far. Pumping out music that isn’t like his usual style. I’m a fan of the novetly for sure, but I won’t mind if he ever decides to use his old style from time to time.

  5. Mr LayedBak has done a good service to the NF fanbase. Also, he has infused us with positivity in our appreciation of this incredible NF style of music. I believe 100% that it is RealMusic. It can speak volumes to our hearts, minds, and souls. I am personally grateful and my only hope is to be a voice that can create a similar message. There is plenty that we can do to pass on the treasure that we have discovered!

  6. NF welcome back

  7. NF welcome back

  8. NF IS BACK!! Easily one of the greatest rappers of all time

  9. Johnathan Hawbaker

    Rebirth by Hopsin

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