“toxic” effeminacy: what is up with girlbloggers, woman manipulators, and femcels?

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0:00 – intro
5:46 – what is femcelcore
14:43 – the tumblr girl redux
22:09 – rebellion against “that girl”


  1. Shallow Alice.. 💖

    Girl interrupted. Arrested development. All American.

  2. I couldn’t deal with all those female “trends” anymore. The pressure of constantly changing my aesthetic just to fit in brought me to my limits. I never really used to care about the way I looked. I loved myself. But recently I’ve been feeling so unhappy with myself. I started focusing on my body more and tried workouts and diets just to have a flat belly like everyone else on the internet has. I wanted to wax my facial hair to have clear skin and cover my eye bags with concealer. I never even touched Make-up and I’m 16, just cause I always used to be happy. I can’t even describe how much pressure those “trends” put young girls through. I deleted most of my social medias long ago to avoid feeling insecure about myself. But even on Pinterest or YouTube shorts you just Can’t escape Trends. Sometimes I wake up and wish to not have been born in these times. Personally I feel like many Influencers/ Celebrities who are meant to be Role Models to their followers only help making everything ten times worse. They only think about earning money by selling us these aesthetics. Our mental health doesn’t matter to them.

  3. Girl you don’t know what tf you’re talking about 😂 “femcels” 😂 give me a break you literally don’t even know the difference between sex and gender. There are two SEXES. Male and female. Gender is meaningless sexist bs. How about you read before talking about things you don’t even know 😂 it’s embarrassing

  4. Why are people calling it femcel, when the word incel was originally coined by a woman? 🤔

  5. Re: min 24:00 yes there is no end goal but *efficiency*, because at the end of the day under capitalism it all goes back to that: efficiency and earning potential. Why do we always need to worry about efficiency? Is that really the end all be all of existence? What if I wanna waste time and be bored sometimes just because it feels good? Do I need to advertise it on socials to make it real? If I have no direct, tangible reward is it really useless?

  6. A lot of these trends also exclude women of colour, black women, queer & trans women as well as Muslim n Jewish women because it’s all white girls who have the privilege to reject ‘working hard’ and just be cynical whereas these women can’t do that because they are the main victims of hate against women more than white women are but that’s just my two cents

  7. Kristi Illingworth

    i’m 26 now and was caught up in this stuff a decade ago on tumblr and i’m so glad i grew out of it. healing the soul, mind, and body is better than any attention one seeks from online validation. yikes.

  8. Pros brasileiros assistindo esse vídeo (sei que tem vários), eu pensei imediatamente no conteudo da super vulgar e os videos de mulher abusiva em relacionamentos, e as dicas que ela da pras mulheres que são abandonadas por homens.

  9. Always ask yourself first: What do I actually like? What makes me feel good?

    Do what you want to do and don’t try to fit into a specific type of Person. Enjoy yourself, respect others, it’s actually easy! 💓🦋🌷

  10. Nur Allya Muhammad Iqbal

    26:58 after reading that last bit by aurora muir, i understood it so much and couldn’t agree more. i never read articles, but i spent a while reading and it’s terrific.

    i once saw a white guy answering a question with “i don’t support gender equality; it’s impossible” when it’s so easy for them, with a privilege, to say that, when people who live in traditional, sexist communities like mine are extremely affected by this every day.

    absolutely loved the article, i’ll definitely be exploring and researching more! (that is, if i don’t procrastinate and do something else, lol)

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