Total War: WARHAMMER III – Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs

The rumors are true! Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs will be arriving in Total War: WARHAMMER III on April 13th!

📄 Read more and meet our first Legendary Lord, Astragoth Ironhand, in our official blog post:


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  1. Joshua Audie Depositario

    Neltharion doing a Cameo? 🤣

  2. I love it

  3. So you’re charging almost half the price of the base game, while swapping out one LL for a LH. On top of that, you appear to be recycling mechanics from WH2, after stripping them away from one of those WH2 races. Your executive greed is showing.

  4. HOLY!!!!!

  5. Kristjan Kirbits

    All I want is modern and cooler version of the dwarfs from warhammer 1. Also did chaos dwarfs have magic.

  6. That Dune Reference gos hard

  7. I like how in fantasy genre the Dwarves are like irish and scotts with those type accents and kelts and etc…
    And how Dark Dwarves are like you know…. j a e oo ws. With greed and evil banking and all that stuff

  8. Premature Malone

    I wholey believe the TWWH series is one of the most impressive gaming franchises. So much detail, so much variety, so much choice, and so much dedication to WH fans.

  9. Hm…
    for like 2 seconds i was like “what an evil april fool’s joke!”

    Then i reliazed it is still March.

  10. If Toy Story met God of War.


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