Total War: WARHAMMER III – Astragoth Ironhand Gameplay Showcase

They are on their way, but how do they play? Join us as we dive into our first Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs gameplay showcase: the Disciples of Hashut! 🔥

Are you ready for the High Priest’s sermon?


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Video type: In-game Cinematic
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  1. Looking forward to the mod that changes “labour” to slaves as that is what they are, why censor it

  2. Need to change laborers to slaves. They’re obviously forced into working and dying for the CD

  3. Arf… I’ll buy this when the game is optimized enough so I can play it without waiting 5 to 10 minutes to charge ANY battle (with a reasonable computer) :/
    But then, I’ll play them :p

  4. When these laborers revolt, do they form a Union???🤔

  5. All the non-english thinking “WTF ARE MUSHY PEAS???”

  6. At the end of the escort mission, there should be a simple cutscene that shows the actual train with a lot of cargo cars. I can imagine trying to program and control a unit that is the size of a fully loaded train would be far too taxing on computers and either too weak or too strong for multiplayer, depending on how many defence cannons the train has. But at the very least, showing the train passing through the valley mission with all of its cargo, running over the dead ememies you just slaughtered would be very rewarding and immersive.

  7. Hehe “Labor”

  8. Can’t wait for this great music not to be in the game lol

  9. Kind of sad we didn’t get to see the convoy mechanic, but the tower of Zharr seems awesome ! Yes, the global bonuses are perhaps not that terrific, but holy hell, some of the seat bonuses seem awesome !

  10. i don’t care about anything from the upcoming DLC more than the fun I have watched in this last 5 minutes show .. thanks for that cinematic way to show case the DCL .. PS (Try to do it as episodes next ime lol)

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