Total War: ROME REMASTERED Announce Trailer – Take Back Your Empire

The sparkling light of a new sunrise sparkles on the Roman Empire. Conquer Ancient Rome like never before… Send traders on trade missions, command fierce battles and build your empire in Total War: ROME REMASTERED on 29 April 2021 – developed by Feral Interactive.

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Video type: Cinematic (Live Action)
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  1. Any questions? Check out the FAQ:
    Choose your faction and join the fray in the Total War Discord server:

    • Yes. I have a question
      Is this real or i’m having some kind of twisted fever dream?

    • @Lil_German 1

    • hello dear Creative Assembly I’m wondering if the Rome Remastered game will be free (dlc) or cheaper for those who bought Rome 1 total war 15 years ago (cd -Rom) and who updated it on steam because of windows 10?

      is it another game than Rome total war or can we compare it to a dlc ?

    • Rand thedragonreborn

      Can it be ported on android too? know it’s new and all but i hope you port it to android in the future. Or better yet sooner than later.

    • i put 3k hours into this game when i first got it in 2017 – 2019 , and bought every total war game, since and DLC’s but i do say this is my favorite total war, ital breath fresh air into the rtw community, im already excited and clanning up for the adventures ahead online! good job keeping this a secret guys at total war i think you caught a good majorty of us blindly lol

  2. Early April Fools’?
    I hope not.

  3. never forget the elephants of doom ah yes the great times . i most say i always admire the soundtracks in this game

  4. Ulysses S. Grant

    Do civil war


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  8. The AI in the original game was non existent.

  9. Halil Ibrahim Yildiz

    It happened in 1994

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