Top 50 Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals 🤑 (Updated Hourly!!)

It’s Amazon Prime Day 2022!! Here are the finest deals on Laptops, TV’s, Smart Home & Apple Deals!

**These are affiliate links. If you purchase something through this link I may get a tiny share of the sale.

It is Amazon Prime Day 2022 and I am excited to bring you all the best Prime Day Deals and the best prime day tech deals. I have been working all morning to bring you the best amazon prime day tech deals of the prime day sale 2022 and showing you what to buy on prime day!

With so many best prime day deals 2022 here now these 2022 prime day deals are the best deals on amazon prime day 2022 that i could find. I love Prime Day 2022 as not only are there best tech deals and prime day sale but these prime day best deals are a mix of home, smart home, apple, headphones etc. I also love RandomFrankP’s videos on Prime Day!

Don’t miss out on this prime day sale and amazon deals especially the best tech deals. I hope you find these 2022 prime day deals great!

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  2. Aaron Hoffman REALTOR

    This was a great fun video!

  3. Thank you Mr Deal Guy for all your efforts. You’re awesome! Keep up your good work!

  4. Peter Porker Esq.

    Prime Day is this guy’s May 4th.

  5. I am sure some people were disappointed to find out that Prime Day sales were only for Prime members lol

  6. Always great stuff from this guy!!!

  7. Droids Unwanted

    Matt, Hello & Than You for your unending help finding the pot of gold in Prime Day Deals. I have a question about what “updated hourly” in the title of your vids mean. I take it as there’s an entirely new list of items released every hour. I think I’ve got that wrong, though. 🤦‍♂️ Can you help me please understand what that means in the title or how it works? Thank you, Dental Hygiene Dude

  8. Love you too Matt! Thank you for your time

  9. I surprised my wife and bought her the Apple Watch series 7 yesterday thanks to your video! I ordered it at noon and was delivered at 5:15 the same day. Crazy how fast they deliver stuff. Thank you for all of your videos! She was so excited to get it!

  10. I appreciate your dedication and hard work even if I don’t buy a darn thing🤗

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