Top 5 iOS 13 Features!

iOS 13 has some sneaky new features. And DARK MODE.

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  2. How do you install the beta?

  3. audiosalamander

    I don’t have Apple.. Still gonna watch

  4. Do still have to go through the camera app when trying to text an image to someone?

  5. iOS is getting much more like android.

  6. Lol. That volume HUD Looks like the ones miui

  7. cool shirt marquees ♥️

  8. wow so apple did what we wanted… how many years did it take to fix the damn volume and make those toggles actually useful for something XD

  9. Marques bro pls give me tips to easily transfers data and pictures , videos , songs from Android to iOS pls.

  10. so what’s the buggy?

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