Top 15 Movies of 2022

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Schaff watched Dinosaur Hotel 2 and other less terrific motion pictures

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  1. Schaffrillas Productions

    So this video was scripted and recorded in mid-January, and largely edited by my team instead of me. I also wanted to offer a different perspective on my content: I consider YouTube to be 50% job and 50% hobby. I’m having fun talking to you guys about Disney and DreamWorks movies. It’s what I want to do. With some videos, the hobby aspect actually outweighs the job aspect, and I cover topics that I know my primary audience doesn’t care about, like Moulin Rouge, Succession, Pikmin, etc. I make videos because I WANT to make them, and it’s no different now.

    I’m getting all the support I need offline, and I dropped one of my sponsors for February in order to not overwork myself. Making videos and getting back into my routine is helping me, and I’m making a conscious effort not to be stressed out by said routine. I am gaining fulfillment through what I currently consider to be my hobby rather than my job.

    Please consider this before you leave a well-meaning and concerned, but ultimately somewhat condescending comment about how I should take time off or retire. Thank you.

  2. Im suprised that the Whale didn’t make this list. That movie is incredible

  3. I would definitely click on a Spielberg ranking, or just any filmography ranking.

  4. U thought entergalatic was a top 15 but u didn’t like Us… Crakkkerr

  5. I would totally watch a Spielberg ranking

  6. Definitely would love to see a Spielberg filmography video! 😀

  7. No Babylon mention is crazy 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Great video Schaff. Now I’m gonna have to go watch Dinosaur Hotel 2. Though I’ll be honest, I did not enjoy BBB

  9. Watch drive

  10. Please do a Spielberg ranking! His movies are so damn good. It would be such an intense comment section because theres so many fandoms for his movies.

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