Tommy Reacts To “Final Waltz” | Dream SMP Animation

TommyInnit Reacts To The Final Waltz Dream SMP Animation by SAD-ist

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  1. Reply with your own timestamps!

    – Rudylmao (This is Tommy’s official VODS Channel btw, I just manage it 😀 )

  2. Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Ghost

    “OH! He’s got the fuckin wires on him, he’s Pinnochio!”
    I laughed way harder than I should have omg

  3. My favourite bit has to be the last scene at the end with tommy and tubbo sitting on the bench, it just reminds me of the early days of the SMP with the disc war, before schlatt, before wilbur..

  4. That_Random_Gemini

    SAD-ist be like: To animate or not to animate, That is the question

  5. ・゚✧・𝕔𝕠𝕔𝕠✧・゚


  6. Pancake Productions

    Punz: avengers assemble
    Tommy: lol jacc mainfold

  7. just a normal roblox player who likes anime

    Imagine getting bullied by a child

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