TOMAHAWKING SPIDERS FOR TRESPASSING | Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (Reupload)



Mainly just music from EDF, but the outro is:


  1. TheRussianBadger

    sorry guys had to reupload this because youtube age restricted the first time

  2. Which song from EDF 4.1 was the song used when the “gundam” was fighting non descript giant lizard? at like 13:30

  3. This shorter

  4. Daily Funny Videos Finally it’s here 👀

  5. alright borger i’m ngl this feels like prime 2017 comedy in [CURRENT YEAR]

  6. 0:45 Lol that got me

  7. Oh boy! I better grab my hammer! – master chief

  8. I bet if I took monster, red bull, and gamer sups an shoved it up godzillas ass he would go super saiyan, and give him black coffee and some calcium powder he would go ultra instinct

  9. Fredrick Villalba

    Do a marvel Vs Capcom 3 video man it we’ll be cool

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