Tom MacDonald – “Ghost”

WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald


  1. So, what y’all think?! LOVE it? HATE it? Tell me! Download the song on iTunes & LETS GET OUR FIRST #1 IN POP!

  2. I absolutely love this you guys!

  3. I love your political songs, but this is on a new level, love it, easily one of the best songs from you I’ve ever heard. The video is absolutely a perfect fit too. My grandmother even enjoyed it, just awesome.

  4. Dauntless Operator

    If you consider this as a pop song…idk, i enjoyed the quick rhythym and melody plus, the softness of the instruments. Lyrics, as usual; on point.
    Best pop song i have heard in over 20 years. Thank you both for your work!!

  5. This beautiful, reaffirming video about true love is emotional and inspiring.

  6. jean-Philippe mathé

    Ce que tu vis Tom avec Nova, je vous le souhaite, à tous, de le ressentir, un jour, pour quelqu’un ! I wish you to be loved. Thanks Tom

  7. 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

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