Today, we lost somebody special

The day gone by, we lost Drama, who we all know from this channel and from Berm Peak Express. Even though he was old, it was far too soon for him. When it became apparent that something was mistaken with him, we did everything for him that we would have done for a human being. After the MRI, our worst fears were confirmed. Drama had brain tumors, and despite multiple checkups and blood tests, we had no idea.

If there’s a silver lining, Drama was able to enjoy an amazing life. He got to spend a lot more time with us than even most older pets get to spend with their loved ones. He traveled with us, and spent every waking moment by our side. His decline was very short and quick, so for the vast majority of his life he was able to enjoy treats, lay in sunbeams, and pester everyone he encountered for pets and scratches.

Drama, we love you and you will be missed.


  1. Seth's Bike Hacks

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Drama got to make so many people happy, and that was his favorite thing to do. Give all of your pets a hug today.

    • rip drama you will be missed

    • I’m missing him even though I’ve never met him

    • Theodore Connolly

      i’m really sorry for you seth that you lost not only a pet, but a friend, and a loved one, through out the short time i have been watching this channel i have been more connected to you and the people in your videos including drama, I feel for you because my dog died a while back and i recently lost my grandfather, me and my brother comfort for your loss. I’m sure that if drama is in heaven or where ever heaven is for other religions that drama is looking down with a smile and bowl full of bacon and dog food. I wish the hard time gets easier and you and the channel are able to recover from your heavy loss.

    • Mountain biking Things!

      Mad respect to drama, rest in piece little dude.

    • How didi you not show any emotions?❤️ I cried watching this 😭😭😭. But still thanks Seth and Drama, for the loving time we had with him ❤️😭😭

  2. 15/10 good doggo

  3. Sorry for your loss man it’s never easy.

  4. The goodest boi

  5. RoutineHarpy525

    Sorry for your loss, just a month ago, my grandma’s dog died, who I was very close to, I hope that you will move on with the channel, these things are never easy.

  6. Rip drama he was a good boy❤️

  7. percejude vicente

    oh no! from the first video i seen on seth’s bike hacks, that was when subcribers are just 200k, we will miss you drama

  8. Rodrigo Montalva

    I’m so sorry for your loss, it’s incredible how a dog can be so important in our life. I so understand what you’re going through. I’ve lost 2, and they were or still are a part of my life, my 4 legged sons. They are never truly gone. Drama, you will be missed! Lot of love!

  9. Your dog looked like he was awesome. Sorry for your loss.

  10. Benjamin Bonder

    Rip 🙁

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