“Today is Virginia Beach’s most dark hour”: Officers give update on fatal shooting

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer and Virginia Beach police chief James Cervera gave an update late Friday evening after a lethal shooting that left 12 dead plus the gunman.


  1. They are going to stage the false flag shootings until they brainwash the population into surrendering our gun rights

  2. My prayers go out to Virginia beach because I used to live in lake Caroline
    And my prayers go out to families to the victims that got shot I give my love to the state of Virginia people dont care anymore its just a hate crime us Americans can’t be safe anymore because people are scared they might get shot how to stop the mass shooting get army soldiers

  3. 2:47 I shouldn’t have laughed this hard but just look at the white hair dude

  4. Jamie Whitefield

    What a surprise another false flag operation! The left will see that these “shootings” continue until their agenda is met!

  5. My consolences

  6. Mr. Powerhouse

    Dumb reporters asking stupid questions 12 people just lost their lives. . Show some respect

  7. Thoughts and prayers


  9. After they shot him they gave aid? He must be White cause they let Blacks shot by cops lay there and bleed. Even the unarmed & children.

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    Times are just getting worse. Hope everyone is prepared and vigilant of their surroundings you can’t go anywhere anymore without not knowing who is in and around anywhere you may be work,vacation, shopping and why I believe having my ccw was best thing I’ve ever done.its like a zombie movie out there.sorry to all families from 6Delta6.com

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