To The Samurai Community

Hey, it is good to look at you.


  1. Nah I’m new, I didn’t know about you til I saw a video about you “retiring at 10mil” lol but I am also a creator and I understand the breaks, I been going hard lately … not here, but I understand the need for rest and bro I look at you as an inspiration to continue forward even if I need to take a break for a few days from creating to REST so that I can go forward. You never want to feel like you are OBLIGATED, to an extent to upload, the people who fuk with you gonna still fuk with you when you come back, I like you cause you talk real shyt and you know how to laugh at yourself. I went and watched your OLDEST stuff and was like … You remind me a lot of ME when I started. If you have any videos or a playlist or a place where I can learn from you as a creator that would be cool.

  2. Well since you asked, I wanna see ur reaction to legend a dragon ball tale fan animation, or at least what you think of it

  3. Lol next video better be a full play through of elden ring lol 😂

  4. Oh god imagine Cory having a child,Cory just gonna leave the child and come back

  5. Honestly Cory I understand you all these things you’re saying I totally understand especially where he said ” it’s scary” that line, understood


  7. Oh my goodness Cory, I’m so glad your back. Ever since Technoblade passed things have been hard for me, I’m so glad you’re back.

  8. Cory, On god I didn’t watch the whole video you lost me at the wholesome part and was just happy have a good laugh at your reaction to the tiktok, PS. Good to see your back

  9. Damn

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