Titanfall 2 is a gorgeous game, but that does not mean it is faultless. Here is another episode of “MAKES NO SENSE”

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  1. No you right

  2. Well, i guess i don t follow

  3. ThatDragowarGuy

    #freepalestine les gooooo

  4. You can walk run in real ice but you need to know physics

  5. Jack Cooper is actually a gamer , he is good at everything

  6. How to fix titan fall 2 multiplayer. Track the ddosers and execute them (if you didnt know ddos is not only bannable ITS ALSO ILLEGAL so you can sue them for doing a crime)

  7. Gol_D_enTreasure

    No one care

  8. Another thing about ash is that if you look at how she is crushed her body was crushed but not her head which is what was reassembled in apex and now her limbs look more like prosthetic than when she was in her original body

  9. what if you dont have twitter?

  10. Skulduggery Pleasant

    I use the smart pistol ironically

  11. Skulduggery Pleasant

    Okay this is a explanation for the void. They time travel. It is not time travel for wraith she can move around with the other players. You don’t see the other players going back in time

  12. Mirage 2.0 for noobs? I’ve been waitng since loba for noobs

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