Times Square 2023 Ball Drop in New York City: full video clip

The yearly tradition was back in full force as hundreds of thousands rang in the New Year in New York City’s Times Square.


  1. Oh boy another depressing year being poor

  2. 2023 w I ll bring NEW GATES to old places.
    As You celebrate TOMMORROW know that you do so at the expense of TODAY

  3. That’s crazy time went by fast

  4. that was like, at least 3k pounds of confetti

  5. Why show the gay guys kissing? Disgusting. God help us this year.

  6. man each january 1st i keep searching up the next years countdown and looking at this years countdown

  7. Happy new year! Best wishes to u all 🙂

  8. Why was Kia the sponsor for this ball drop

  9. Let us convene again in a year. Happy New Year.

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