Times Michael Jordan HUMILIATED His Opponents..

These Are The Times Michael Jordan HUMILIATED His Opponents..


  1. Ewing and mutumbo are my 2 favorite players of the 1990s….iconic legends. Man they didn’t win 6 nBA titles but they definitely made a huge impression on alot of fans. I know I’m not the only 1..

  2. Jordan loved kobe. He took the torch from mj. He didr embarrassed Jordan. Jordan was happy whe he saw hey this kid isn’t no push over….kobeis my favorite player of all time. Ewing was my favorite player of the 90s

  3. Nah the wizard version of His Airness vs Kobe doesn’t even count and Jordan handed no torch because he wasn’t wearing Bulls uniform

  4. Kobe RIP🙏

  5. Greatest Of All Time 🏀 MJ23

  6. PoundzNEverything

    Any footage of Kobe & I’m in tears 😢

  7. Christopher Hason


  8. I see how the biased entered right in for Kobe.. I see you 👀. “Put him in his place”.

  9. Faron Anderson

    Beating Jordan at the Wizards past his prime is one thing.Beating him at the Bulls would of been another.

    Jordan didn’t pass the torch to Kobe.He put it down on the table when he finished playing for the Bulls.He retired undefeated.Nobody took it from him.The Spurs picked it up off the table the following year.Shaq and Kobe took it from the Spurs, not Jordan.

    Jordan never had the torch playing for the Wizards.Kobe and Shaq already had it after taking it from the Spurs.

    Jordan came back mainly to help the Wizards out.There was no torch passing at all at that point in time in Jordan’s playing career !!!

    I did like your content though,except for the last bit !!!

  10. 2:23 where the 3pt line at? curry crying rn

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