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There is a lot of misinformation and curious medical content on TikTok, so today I dove in head first to set the record straight. Today we talk about shins, human pyramids, concussions, neck spasms, testicular injuries, spiders, Daniel Thrasher, dizziness, garlic, antibiotics, natural cures, cinnamon, yogurt, alzheimer’s, strokes, helmets, drinking urine, caffeine, salt, worms, cleanses, parasites, clean skin, massages, eye strain, Manon Mathews, alarm fatigue, Adin Ross, subconjunctival hemorrhage, neck rollers, pitting edema, hyperextension, blisters, ayuverdic medicine, and mouth taping. Tag me in more TikToks that you’d like to see my reaction to!

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  1. JayCraftUnlimited

    So I breath through my mouth because I have asthma so it’s hard to breath through my nose 13:07


    Minecraft irl be like : 0:08

  3. Adin 😭😭

  4. 3:22 just immediately triggered 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. This is me. I am him. This is my level of patience.

  5. To the lady with the glowing skin there is a massage technique that helps with that. What you’re doing isn’t it. DIDN’T YOUR MOM TELL YOU WASH BEHIND YOU EARS?

  6. Mouth taping lady is someone who got tired of listening to her significant other snoring and taped their mouth shut. It helped her get sleep…..btw, don’t do that. You’ll only awaken the sleeping bear who will be unhappy about being woken up to tape… best advise, sleep on the couch

  7. Was that Aiden 8:03

  8. “On your lungs are the lower part of your face” – Quote of 2023

  9. 8:04 Adin’s eyes scared me there

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